Hfbrolly is one of the most reliable umbrella manufacturers in the market today. The custom umbrellas produced by Hfbrolly are known to put a smile on the faces of business owners. Although the fashionable features of these custom umbrellas play a significant role in their popularity, the company is more famous for the wide range of high-quality custom umbrellas they offer.

Hfbrolly has over thirty years of manufacturing custom umbrellas from scratch— handle to tip. The company makes use of advanced machinery and high-end designing techniques. Hence, business owners are guaranteed premium-quality custom umbrellas of any color, pattern, and design.


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Hfbrolly doesn’t sell ready-made products but offers customization options. Customization options involve the engraving of labels, brand mottos, and brand messages. Hence, allowing your business to personalize its products and reach its target audience fashionably. However, Hfbrolly does not specialize in the production of a kind of custom umbrella. Instead, they manufacture various custom umbrellas, such as promotional umbrellas, beach umbrellas, golf umbrellas, kids umbrellas, fashion umbrellas, and mini umbrellas from scratch.

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Design the kind of umbrella you desire, or allow us to do it for you. Free of charge!


Tell us the type of custom umbrella you want, and let us know if you have any designs you desire.


We will send you a variety of umbrella design options to pick from via email. However, if you need any design changes from the umbrella visual you desire, let us know!


Once the umbrella design and order have been approved and confirmed, respectively, we will produce a printed pre-production sample in five days. This service will be free for orders of more than 100 and vice-versa.


We will ship your orders to you via the shipping method you desire once your umbrellas are manufactured.

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Examples of our work

Hfbrolly focuses primarily on the quality of products because they portray the quality of your business and brand. Please look at some of the premium-quality custom umbrellas we have manufactured in the past.

What Our Customers Say

The custom umbrellas are wonderful. Thank you so much for the all-over printed customized umbrella. For the tie color, can we change to our logo? Great news to you, the presales started and it was sold out for the 4 pcs of the first sample. I am asking my designer to make the third design to create the new sample from you, let us start again. The flower-printed umbrella is very nice. we love it.

Maira William

Customized beach umbrellas were received today.
Cool, Nice Job!
Oxford fabric with waterproof treatment, the inside UV coating is useful to create shade under the sun. Perfect! Love the Windproof rib system also. The size of the beach umbrella is under our requirement. Exactly. We love it very much! Thank you for your fast shipping …..Love u all…

Vincent Chacko

I got half of the shipment and these are beautiful! Thank you so much. Regarding the sales, yes it is going well! The umbrella looks so beautiful. Happy customer in the show. I love them. Amazing!!! I have to photograph the printed umbrella and get them on my website but I sold all the queen Anne’s lace so I need the new shipment before I can schedule the photo shoot with a photographer. thank you !!!

Jessica Holland

Hello, the promotional umbrella was received yesterday, and the customized printing followed my design. Quality is Good, Thank you for a good job. The umbrellas are for my tourism business. My guides hold them at the start of our tours as advertisements. I have more tour guides now so I need more umbrellas. Let us do the next order and ship to me ASAP.. thank u…

Jake slisz

Hi Kevin, samples were good, the Ghana market beach umbrella sample was very good, customers like it, and we need the sample with Uvcoated inside, the silver one. Can you tell me how long will you produce 5000pcs for us? We need it to be shipped out before the end of May because the rainy season will come soonly here in Ghana.



If you find it challenging to develop a personalized design for your umbrella, it’s high time you reached out to us! We will gladly help you without any charges. At the same time, you should let us know of any dream umbrella design you would like to bring to reality. Our umbrella designers are experienced in bringing business owners’ concepts to life. We can also provide you with umbrella design layouts and the help you need in designing your custom umbrella if you desire to do it yourself.

Generally, the attachment of logos on your umbrella is great for branding. Meanwhile, without a fashionable color that matches your brand, the logo will not achieve the brand awareness you desire. We will help you accomplish this by using Pantone to match your brand’s colors to suitably fit your field of business.

Dying the fabric of umbrella canopies is also part of our specialty to ensure you get the desired color of canopy you seek without altering its UV-blocking capacity. We will also use our color-matching technique to match the components of your umbrellas—frame, handle and sleeve—to help you personalize your custom umbrellas completely.

Hfbrolly is a thirty-year-plus custom umbrellas manufacturer popular for manufacturing and designing premium quality products for promotional purposes and to create brand awareness. We don’t limit business owners to only ready-made products but also offer customization options to bring their dream design to reality.

At Hfbrolly, we focus more on the quality of products we produce to portray the reliability and trustworthiness of your business to your target audience. We make use of durable materials for the construction of custom umbrellas. Most importantly, we offer customization options which provide you with the flexibility you need to realize your dream umbrella design.

We also offer a wide range of branding options and features, such as engraved handles, custom embroidered labels, and brand message printings. This way, you will be able to personalize your umbrellas completely.