Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our umbrellas? Here are the answers to our most popular umbrella-related questions:

faq-icon1 Why choose us?

Hfbrolly stands out from the rest of the umbrella manufacturers. The success of our company is dependent upon two major principles – integrity and objectivity. As compared to our competitors, we offer reasonable rates to our clients. However, there is nothing to worry as we never compromise on our high quality due to economical prices.

If you are in search of a reliable brolly manufacturer in the UK, we are currently one of the dominant manufacturers in the market and the ideal supplier you are looking for.

faq-icon2 How to order?

We implement a simplified process that can be followed by our clients to place their order.

  • Provide us with the necessary details which include the size of the brolly, the required quantity, use of materials, and route of shipment.
  • Upon receiving these details, we quote a price.
  • Upon acceptance of price, you are required to pay a fee for our sample.
  • Send us your designs with high resolutions, so that we provide you with a sample for approval.
  • Once you have accepted the sample, pay us with the deposit to initiate with bulk production.
  • We provide inspection and in-line reports to our clients.
  • The final shipment of goods and payment of the remaining balance.
faq-icon3 How to choose the right brolly for my business?

Kindly visit our website and browse through a diverse range of available options that we offer. Whether you want promotional items for your business, merchandises for your shops, or want to satisfy your needs for personal use, we cater all your demands. Have a look at our kids’ umbrella, golf umbrellas, and fashion umbrellas and contact us immediately for custom printed umbrellas. For immediate delivery, you may place your order online too.

faq-icon4 Why hire us when you can buy?

Clients often consider the option of buying directly rather than hiring a reliable manufacturer of brollies to supply them with high-quality products. If you are also planning to choose this option, then we believe you may end up with losses. Hfbrolly uses high- quality materials for producing elegant umbrellas that are customised to cater to all your needs and requirements. Instead of buying, we recommend you to avail our services as they are highly cost-effective. Production in bulk often helps in saving costs, avoiding the high cost of shipment.

faq-icon5 How do I receive my order?

Unlike other companies, our main priority is to make sure that our clients are fully satisfied. For your convenience, your order is delivered directly to your prescribed location, either by traceable courier service or by a representative of Hfbrolly. We ensure your order is delivered to you within three working days; however, you also receive an order confirmation email, specifying the exact date of delivery. It is our responsibility to make sure that your order reaches you in the perfect condition.

faq-icon6 Can I visit your factory?

Yes, you are always welcome. Our factory is open for our clients, so feel free to visit us, whenever you like and have a look at our production activities. We always recommend this to all our clients in case they have specific queries and are looking forward to getting it resolved. Hfbrolly is more than happy to have a face to face discussion with their clients.

faq-icon7 How can I make sure that what I order online will be of the same quality as my actual delivery?

Online shopping is feasible and convenient for clients, yet at the same time, they have lost the traditional in-store experience. Most of you order online and rely on your imagination about how the final product would look like. Some of you even have to estimate the fit and guess the size of your product. This is not the same with Hfbrolly. Even though we provide online services, but once you have accepted our quoted price, we provide you with a sample. As a growing name in the brolly industry, our team understands your concern, and we make sure that you don’t have any doubts about our quality.

faq-icon8 How can I ensure my safety?

Online theft is one of the major concerns for all clients as everyone wants to protect their identity. Most of the clients are anxious to share their personal information to avoid any fraud or personal harm. For this purpose, Hfbrolly offers a secure website for their corporate clients to input their details against shipment providing varied and authentic options for payment.

faq-icon9 Is there a return policy?

In case of any concern, you are advised to return your order in the same boxes that you received upon delivery. Make sure that the return address is attached, while the box is sealed properly. This return policy is valid within seven days of delivery, which is collected either by courier or by a representative of Hfbrolly from the specified location for delivery. It is your responsibility to take care of the brollies, once they are delivered to you as our return policy voids in case of any damage or theft.

faq-icon10 How should I design my custom umbrella?

Our representatives are always available for your support and facilitation. It is preferred that before creating a layout for your print, select a colour from our diverse range of umbrella fabric colours. There is no need to pick a colour if you plan on printing a photograph on your umbrella. For this purpose, we use a piece of white fabric. All you have to do is to use the selected template for positioning the photograph. Once it is done with the necessary procedure, we quote the final cost for your customised umbrellas.

faq-icon11 Is my selected design final?

Once you are done designing your customised umbrella, it is not the final process. To make sure that the final product is exemplary, our team reviews your design technically and identifies necessary changes. This is an important procedure, which is eventually approved by a specialist to get the best results.

faq-icon12 What are the major procedures for inspection at Hfbrolly?
  • The requirement concerning the appearance of an umbrella
  • Printing on umbrella
  • The shape of the brolly
  • Switching performance of the brolly
  • Measurements for the appropriate size of the brolly
  • Checking the functionality by opening and closing
  • Testing the shaft of the umbrella
  • Inspecting the ribs of the brolly
  • Reviewing the buttons on the brolly
  • Examining the tips of the brolly
  • Scrutinising the fabric
  • Conducting a rain performance check
  • Implementing a safety check for usage
  • Testing fading of colours
  • Checking the final packing
  • Marking the boxes for delivery
faq-icon13 How do we maintain our quality?

High quality is one of the major factors that differentiate Hfbrolly from all manufacturers and suppliers of brollies in the UK. We have a team of in-house staff that are well-trained and perform the task of maintaining the quality of our products. Hfbrolly follows AQL 4.0 method for inspection by performing a stringent examination of all garment and fabrics. Our policies for ensuring quality revolve around the efficiency of management and welfare of customers.

faq-icon14 How does our production process works?

Hfbrolly’s umbrella factory has formed an efficient manufacturing system with a complete design. This has been developed by considering the needs of our clients, providing them guidance from beginning till the end. Do not worry if you are not a designer. Our specialists have designed a user-friendly system, while our representatives are always there for your support. Unlike other products, crafting an umbrella requires complexity and demands a significant level of attention, so that not even a single detail is missed out. We assure you that your umbrella would be durable and eye-catching, as our team is skilled from fabrication to printing.

faq-icon15 What is different about our OEM service?

Have a look at the entire market, and you would find our services unique from others. This is evident from our OEM service, which you can use for placing a logo on all your products. Our terms and conditions are highly flexible as this offer is available for all our clients on a minimum order of 100 brollies. You can further benefit from free printing tooling service on exceeding a certain quantity, which varies according to different products. Hfbrolly also offers custom packaging for placing an order of 1000 brollies and above.

faq-icon3 Why should you buy our beach umbrellas?

Our beach umbrellas are made from the best material, which are available in different colours and styles. For every individual client, we have a different beach umbrella as it can be altered and customised according to the requirements of our clients. The major priority of most of our clients is to minimise the time for setup and make the best of their fun time. This is something taken into consideration as our beach umbrellas are easy to fit in the sand, while they can be easily taken out as well. To ensure that your experience at the beach is relaxing and comfortable, we focus on inventing brollies that are innovative and the best.

faq-icon3 Why choose our creative umbrellas?

In a rainy season, everyone takes out their umbrella to protect them from the rain. Imagine that your brolly stands out from others in the rain with its vibrant colours and motivational messages across it. Hfbrolly offers innovative, creative umbrellas that are eye-catching and solve all the problems that you frequently encounter with your traditional umbrellas. What makes them unique is that they are designed especially for you with detailed features and a focus on attractiveness, uniqueness, and creativity. The creative umbrellas by Hfbrolly secure you from the rain, while simultaneously maintaining its style.

faq-icon3 Why choose our fashion umbrellas?

Hfbrolly’s fashion umbrellas are indeed fantastic specialities that have more meaning than a simple accessory for a rainy season. These brollies serve as a fashion statement and are gaining popularity across the globe. If you are keen to announce your arrival in style, then this is the perfect choice for adding something extra as we would amaze by our colourful brollies. They have a class of their own as you can also use them for complementing your outfit.

Sounds exciting? The astonishing patterns on these brollies, their image designs, and solid colours can turn your gloomy day into a colourful one. Buy these efficient fashion umbrellas and get a chance to express your unique personality.

faq-icon3 Which is the perfect umbrella for a corporate event?

If you are planning to host an event, our folding umbrellas are the best to opt for. Hfbrolly is well-reputed for offering a diverse range of folding umbrellas that can be customised according to the requirements of your event. To enhance the visibility of your brand and build awareness for your business, we can provide you with promotional brollies along with the name of your brand. Our extensive inventory of folding umbrellas will help in building a strong impression on your clients.

As compared to our rivals, Hfbrolly is one of the best in the industry. Our folding umbrellas are outstanding that fulfil their purpose in the worst weather conditions, while simultaneously standing out from the crowd. The success of Hfbrolly is associated with its creativity and design, which is why we are known among our clientele.