Quality Control

How to inspect an umbrella quality?

How to inspect umbrellas

 Checklist for umbrella:
1. Style:
Compare style with the reference sample/ specifications for the following points
a Check styling (assemble parts)/ sewing method / type of seam(seam
construction)/ stitch density, etc.
b Check accessories style /brand name /type /size(size number)/position/
colour /number of pieces per umbrella, etc.
e.g. button, snaps, velcro tapes,
c Check printing, embroidery for style/design/wordings/size/position, etc.
2. Material (Touch Feel)
Compare material by touch and hand feel with the reference sample.
3. Colour:
Compare colour with reference sample/ colour swatches and identify how many
colour shade batches within the selected samples
b Lining
c. Accessories
d Printing
e Embroidery
4. Size measurement
Check 10%of size measurement against size specification and tolerance or by
5. Labelling Marking
Check style /design/ wordings/colour /size for the following
a Labels(main/care/composition /country
umbrella inspection
6. Packing:
Check the following for packing
a Packing material
b Packing method
C Packing size
d Packing condition
7. Quantity Assortment
Check quantity and assortment as per specification, packing list and carton marks
for the following points
a number of pieces per inner box /outer carton
b. Number of pieces as per assortment of style and colour
8. Production status
Check production status for the following points:
a. %of finished products
b. %of production in various production stages
c %of goods packed in export cartons
9. Special test for the humidity of wooden part
a Suggested sampling plan for humidity check apply S4 sampling level AQL 2.5