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About Us – Hfbrolly

To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

Who Are We?

China is filled with small umbrella manufacturers. There are more than 2000 business claiming to manufacture umbrellas. However, despite the overwhelming amount of umbrella factories, it is getting difficult to find trustworthy brolly makers who can guarantee a high-quality product. That is where we come in the picture. ‘Hfbrolly’ is not only one of the leading brolly manufacturers in China, but is also Internationally recognised performing successful operations and delivering premium quality umbrellas in countries like England, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Korea, Japan, Europe, Africa, etc.

An Inside Look – What We Do?

Our fully functional and technically equipped factory is located in Guangzhou, where hundreds of expert artisans and craftsmen, technicians and designers create exceptionally beautiful and easy to handle brollies of all size. Hfbrolly has left behind the old, time consuming and low standards of umbrella manufacturing. We believe in delivering only quality products. To implement high-quality standard protocols, we utilise the latest technology and use the finest fabric to make our umbrellas, ensuring the designs are as per to requirements of our client.

With our immense capacity and high-functioning machinery, we can cater an order of any size. It does not matter whether you want umbrellas in bulk or just in a specific amount, Hfbrolly has the capability to manufacture and deliver your order on time.

Our Diverse Range Of Products

A business is as good as its product. But in the case of brollies, diversity and variety also matter. Hfbrolly launches new collections on a yearly basis and now displays 1000+ designs to make your choices and elevate your wholesale business. The diverse range of Hfbrolly rain umbrellas includes straight umbrellas, logo promotional umbrellas, golf umbrellas, ladies umbrellas, gentleman’s umbrellas, kid’s umbrellas, wedding parasol, clear umbrellas, mini umbrellas and many other categories as well.

Each category displays multiple appealing designs. We take pride in offering our customers the best collection of sun and rain brollies. From a windproof umbrella to the classic stick umbrella to revive the vintage fashion, everything is available at Hfbrolly.

Customisation is Our Strength

Being the leading umbrella makers of China, we can proudly claim ourselves to be the master of customisation. We offer custom umbrella services for catering to personalised customer requirements. For the complete satisfaction of the client, Hfbrolly ensures to give complete freedom of choice regarding design, shape and type of brolly. From handle and fabric to the frame and print. With our premium customisation services includes designing, testing, manufacturing, and meeting all of the clients’ terms and personalised requests.

Supporting Business with our Customisation Services

Hfbrolly has built itself an outstanding reputation as a manufacturer partner for businesses which require a bulk, customised umbrella. It can be the logo of your company or just a specific shade of colour related to the brand, or promotional umbrellas for marketing purpose; Hfbrolly makes everything possible for you so that you could elevate your business in the best way.

Why Choose Us?

We Never Compromise on Quality 

What makes Hfbrolly standout from other umbrella manufacturers is their ‘no compromise on quality’ policy. Every umbrella manufactured in Hfbrolly goes through all the standardised testing procedures to maintain high standard manufacturing.

From the optimised production method to stock packaging, Hfbrolly meets all the quality protocols of the umbrella industry. In addition to that Hfbrolly has developed a scientific, standardised production and management system to ensure proper operations through quick decision making, planning and execution, elevating our on-site production and logistics operations. Hfbrolly also implements a professionally regulated internal control, robust supplier network, stable customer resources, raw materials and finished products catalogue, and adequate supervision.

Affordable Pricing 

We understand the value of trust implied by our customers on us. That is why Hfbrolly offers supreme quality umbrellas at the most affordable prices.

Exclusive Designing Technologies 

We give a free hand to design your own umbrellas as we execute your ideas exactly the way you want it. Hfbrolly has enormous resource supply to cater your design requirements. Having almost 8 invention patents, 35 utility model patents, 2 design patents, and 7 overseas invention patents, we are able to meet every challenge. We have a marvellous record of satisfying every customer with our designs may it be in the form of printing our manufacturing.

For introducing innovation in our custom designs, we have taken a completely new approach. Hfbrolly collaborates with young and vibrant university and independent designers to incorporate new concepts and technologies, developing a better sense of aesthetics and fashion.

Get Your Hands on the High-Quality Brollies Today!

Need we say more? If you are looking for a reputable, trustworthy umbrella manufacturer which can help you create the brolly you want, Hfbrolly is the best choice to make.