Choosing the Right Colors for Custom Umbrellas

Changing the color of your custom umbrellas can change everything. Different shades of color convey different meanings. Some colors make people happy. Others make them calm. The right mood can only be created by choosing the right colors for it.

However, when talking about colors in branding, it is important to know that different shades can affect consumers’ perception of a brand significantly since colors are not just visual, but they also communicate emotions, feelings, and experiences.

In terms of branding, colors reflect the ideals of a company, therefore impacting what a target audience will buy. This means that choosing colors for custom umbrellas is not limited to aesthetics alone. It also involves sending out the brand image as well as a message to customers.

We have been making custom umbrellas at Hfbrolly for thirty years and have worked with ten thousand brands till now.

If you are new to this industry, this manual will help you choose the right color for customized umbrellas.

Custom Umbrellas

Understanding Color Psychology 

Color psychology studies the way colors influence human behavior and emotions. It is an important tool in branding since it enables businesses to engage with their target audience on a deeper level. According to color psychology, different colors can evoke different emotions and reactions in people.

Explanation of Color Psychology

Color psychology studies how colors can influence human behavior and emotions. It seeks to explain why certain hues make us feel happy, calm, or energetic.

Colors appeal not only to the eye but also to the mood and thoughts we harbor towards ourselves as well as other things surrounding us. They are like a silent language that speaks to our subconsciousness.

In marketing and branding, understanding color psychology can be a powerful tool. It allows companies to create a visual identity that resonates with their target audience and conveys the right message.

The Impact of Colors on Mood and Perception

Colors greatly impact our moods and perceptions. For instance, warm colors like red or yellow might make someone feel more energetic or happier, while cool colors such as blue or green may have a calming effect on them.

In a business context, picking appropriate colors can change how customers perceive a company’s brand image. Color usage has the potential to make special messages result in message comprehension, thus making it a vital part of solid branding strategies.

Branding and the Role of Color

Branding and color are closely related. It is not purely about aesthetics but a brand strategy that can make a difference in how customers view the brand.

Color as a Tool to Help in Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is significantly affected by color. According to studies, up to 80% of brand identification relies on colors. Thus, people can recognize such brands as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, or Tiffany & Co. just by their distinctive shades.

This instant recognition can help brands stand out in a crowded market, build customer loyalty, and influence purchasing decisions. When this happens, customers trust it more than other competitors.

How Color Influences Brand Image

Color also plays an important role in creating a brand image. The colors used in a brand’s logo, website products, or promotional materials may communicate subtle meanings regarding the values, personality, and target customers of the company.

For example, green indicates eco-friendliness or naturalness for some brands, while black and white denotes minimalism or sophistication, among others. Therefore, by choosing the right colors, these companies may be able to express their desired image for ideal clients’ attraction.

Custom Umbrellas

Knowing the Purpose 

Between Personal and Promotional Use

The intended use of a custom umbrella determines the choice of colors in most cases. Personal use of these umbrellas is influenced primarily by a preferred color scheme for individual users and how such colors make one feel emotionally.

You could choose an umbrella that goes with your best attire or simply makes you happy.

For promotional or branding reasons, though, the color selection will be done strategically.

This means that the colors have to be consistent with the brand image, appeal to its target audience, and also elicit the right emotions that will prompt buyers to make a purchase decision and subsequently foster loyalty towards the brand.

Outdoor Activities and Safety Considerations

In outdoor activities, however, a custom umbrella should come in handy in terms of ensuring safety, among other things.

For instance, when someone is going hiking or camping in high visibility areas, bright neon yellow or yellow would be ideal options.

On the same note, busy streets during dark hours can find brightly colored umbrellas helpful as they can make users visible from a distance.

However, if one wants to blend with nature or create a peaceful environment, then dull greens and browns are preferable natural-looking settings.

Designs of Umbrella Following Trends

When designing custom umbrellas, you must follow the latest trends. This not only makes your umbrellas in vogue and contemporary but also enhances their attractiveness by conforming to what clients desire.

Trends may involve colors, patterns, shapes, and materials. Make your item unique among other umbrellas on the market by understanding and applying these trends in your umbrella design.

Classic Single Colors

These classic single colors, marked with a combination of styles like black, navy blue, red, and white, are the right ones for custom umbrella designs as they outlive temporary fashion trends.


Black umbrellas are considered a traditional color for this product. It is associated with power and sophistication. Its versatility makes it a great match for any outfit. The use of black can be associated with authority and exclusivity when branding.

Navy Blue

It is another historically popular color that is frequently used in umbrellas. Navy blue combines the trustworthiness of blue and the elegance of black to give out a dependable, responsible impression.

This color is ideal for brands that want to create an image of stability and professionalism.


This is a vivid color that easily stands out from other shades in the crowd. It signifies power, enthusiasm, or even passion for what one does.

With such an umbrella in one’s hand, there will be no need to wear attractive clothes since the accessory alone will make everyone look at its possessor. For brands, red can signify excitement, power, and youthfulness.

Forest Green

This choice appears soothing because of its connection with nature and calmness. If someone wants an umbrella design that has a grounding effect, they could choose Forest Green instead.

Brands promoting environmental sustainability or nature-related products may find this shade useful.


Deep red wine hues make burgundy appear lavish, classy, and significant. It’s a mature, strong, bold color that can help give a product a more refined appearance, making it seem of premium quality.

High-end brands could select burgundy as their primary color since it purports luxury and quality.

Two-Tone or Multi-Color Panels

Two-tone or multi-color panels can be used on customized umbrellas to make them more interesting and attractive. They give an impression of a bright visual contrast, stand out fashion-wise, and even show one’s color palette. These are some of the two-tone colors that are popular.

Black and White

The combination of black and white is a timeless design classic. It serves as a perfect contrast, illustrating elegance and simplicity.

A black-and-white umbrella matches any outfit due to its neutral, versatile tones. When it comes to branding, black stands for power and sophistication, while white symbolizes purity and simplicity. This combination is ideal for brands that seek to project minimalistic chicness.

Blue and Yellow

The color scheme that is formed when blue is paired with yellow results in something lively and noticeable. Blue signifies trust and calmness, while yellow denotes positivist energy.

For personal use, a blue-and-yellow umbrella will make you stand out in the crowd since it looks fun and lively. In corporate business, this combination may suggest playfulness as well as friendliness in order to appear evident among others.

Red and White

Umbrella designs with red-and-white combinations are bold and stunning. The intense red contrasts sharply with the pristine white, making it visually dramatic. Red represents passion and energy; white talks about purity but simplicity, a balance of contrasts hence.

A red-and-white umbrella can go well with most outfits yet still look very stylish due to its catchy color scheme.

To older people, this implies excitement, whereas younger ones may interpret it as a sign of innovation, hence suitable for young companies.

Green and Gray

Combining green with gray creates an understated elegance. Green reflects nature and serenity, while gray is seen as practicality and reliability personified. Such colors on an umbrella create an atmosphere of calmness combined with stability.

Such brands like this particular one might be environmentally friendly or convey a sense of stability in their marketing messages using this combination.

Custom Umbrellas

Custom Prints and Patterns

Umbrella designs can be customized with prints and patterns to give them a distinctive appeal while also allowing for personal expression or promotion of one’s own brand.

These offer many design alternatives, from the unnoticeable fluffy to vibrant and fun options. Some popular print and pattern options will be covered in this section.

Company Logos

Umbrellas branded with company logos are powerful tools for promoting brands. This is the reason why companies use custom designs that display their image in a functional way that looks good, too.

Branded umbrellas, whether it is just a simple logo on one panel or a full canopy print, have an impact that can be experienced over time and help enhance the visibility of the brand in public places.

Geometric Patterns

Designing umbrellas with geometric patterns provides a contemporary and trendy look. They produce visually striking images, which may include shapes like squares, circles, lines, or other abstract forms, thereby making it dynamic.

Moreover, geometric patterns also give a sense of stability and balance besides being beautiful; hence, they are commonly used by individuals as well as companies.

Floral Prints

Incorporating floral prints into umbrella designs gives such products an element of nature and gracefulness. Such patterns may consist of beautifully arranged flowers and leaves to add color burst as well as calmness to any design.

Classic feminine taste lovers can choose between subtle floral motifs or big-scale prints with bright colors.

Gradient or Ombre Effects

Gradient designs and ombre in umbrella making can bring an air of sophistication and modernity. They create a shift from one color to another, making it artistically unique and visually appealing.

Blue to White Gradient

A blue-to-white gradient umbrella design is as clear as the sky with no clouds. The serenity and tranquility one feels from transitioning from deep blue to immaculate white creates a sense of calmness.

This design is suited to people who like simple and calm colors, as well as companies that want to represent a composed image.

Sunset Ombre (Orange to Pink)

An orange-to-pink ombre umbrella design is like a beautiful sunset.

From hot orange to soft pink, this vibrant change of colors makes one feel warmth, cheerfulness, and romance. It is an eye-catching and daring design for fashion enthusiasts or brands striving to express creativity, warmth, and passion.

Green to Yellow Gradient

A green-to-yellow gradient umbrella evokes the fresh scents of spring or summer. This design comes with fresh, peaceful greenish tints along with an energetic yellow color that makes you joyful when using it.

For nature lovers or outdoor enthusiasts, promoting eco-friendliness, vitality, and growth among brands.

This is a type of umbrella that can make any day brighter. Hence, it is suitable for both personal use and branding purposes.

Sea blue

Blue translucent panels make an umbrella look like the calmness of the ocean. The blue panel is semi-transparent, allowing light to pass through, giving a cool and soothing shade.

The design is associated with peace, depth, and sagacity, making it a perfect option for brands targeting calmness and trustworthiness.

Frosty clear

Some umbrellas are frosted on the clear panels to produce a diffused but soft lighting effect. It combines the two traditional designs of transparent screens with total opacity, thus giving a subtly stylish and classy look.

A frosted clear umbrella signifies purity, simplicity, and modernism, among other things, making it a good selection for people or companies pursuing minimalism in design yet want to stand out in their appearance.

Colors of Handles Customized

Just a canopy is not enough to make an umbrella design; even the handle is involved in the aesthetic part.

Changing the color of handles creates other personal expression opportunities and can be used to promote a particular brand. The choice of the well-selected handle color should alternate with or complement the canopy to come up with a visually appealing and separate design.

Matching or Contrasting Handles with the Canopy

The decision to match or contrast the handle color with that of the canopy mainly depends on the overall aesthetic desire. When they are matched, then it will look as if it has one color only, which makes it look modern and sophisticated.

On the other hand, contrasting handles give unexpectedness and unusual visual impression. This makes them more noticeable, interesting, and worth remembering for marketing purposes.

Both of them may have some creativity in their designs, making umbrellas more attractive and diverse in their looks.

Custom Umbrellas

UV-reflective or High-Visibility Colors

For umbrellas, high visibility colors are important not only as a matter of style but also for practical reasons. This might be considered favorable weather or even protection from the sun.

Neon Yellow

Not only do neon yellow umbrellas make great fashion statements, but they also serve as safety measures. The bright color of neon yellow makes it possible to see an umbrella from a distance in heavy rain or fog.

Additionally, this high-energy hue can brighten up the dreariest day.

Safety Orange

Safety orange is a highly visible color that is commonly used on safety devices and clothing, such as construction jackets.

On an umbrella, this vibrant shade enhances its visibility, enabling it to be suitable for those who prioritize safety without compromising their fashion sense. Furthermore, the strong bright color ensures that it stands out in a crowd, hence making it an exceptional design.

Reflective Silver

This umbrella has a reflective silver coating, which makes it more visible under low light conditions such as during rainy seasons and at night time. Reflective silver is modern and sleek apart from its functionality.

Being reflexive gives the Umbrella a slightly futuristic appearance and is thus popular among those looking for something unique and contemporary in their accessories.

Practical Considerations

Stain Concealment and Maintenance

Umbrella color plays a major role in stain concealment and ease of maintenance. Darker colors and complex designs can help to hide stains and dirt, thereby reducing cleaning frequency. This can be particularly advantageous for umbrellas used outdoors or in dusty areas.

Availability of Chosen Colors from Manufacturers

Depending on the manufacturer, the availability of your chosen colors may differ. You should check with the manufacturer if they can make an umbrella in your preferred color.

Some colors may not be available, or others might incur additional charges. This could influence your decision, especially if you are operating on a tight budget or timeline.

Requesting Color Charts or Swatches for Accurate Selections

Since colors on screen may not be the same as those in real life, it is advisable to request color charts or swatches from the manufacturer.

They will give you a truer representation of how that shade will look on your umbrella so that you can make a more informed choice.

It is a small but crucial step towards making sure that what you receive as the final product is in line with what you were expecting and aiming for aesthetically.

Custom Umbrellas

How Can a Good Manufacturer Help You Find the Best Color for Your Brand?

Knowledge and Expertise

A good manufacturer has comprehensive knowledge of the meaning of color in terms of branding. They are, therefore, able to suggest colors that reflect your brand image and can evoke the desired emotional response among your target customers.

Tailored Suggestions

One of the things that make a good manufacturer is when they give you recommendations according to your individualistic brand. By getting insights into what your brand identifies with, its culture, and its target market, they will suggest the right colors that match your brand.

Variety in Color Options

A good manufacturer usually has different color options. They may also have paint swatches or color charts that can be used to see how various shades might appear on the final product. Having many colors provides more creative opportunities as well as affording a more precise match with respect to branding colors.

Quality Assurance

The company ensures that the color of your umbrella is vivid, long-lasting, and uniform across every item produced. To keep up a professional outlook and reinforce brand recognition among clients, it is vital to maintain this uniformity.

Supportive Customer Service

Good manufacturers also ensure that their customers get assistance while choosing their preferred colors. They are proactive in answering questions and resolving issues so that their collaboration with you goes smoothly and results in production exceeding your expectations.

Why Choose Hfborlly for Choosing the Right Colors for Custom Umbrellas

Hfbrolly is the leading umbrella company in China and already helped over a thousand brands all over the world. It means you will get the exact color you want, and the lead time is much less. Moreover, we don’t have any MOQs, So you can order as many quantities as you want to begin with.

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Your design is always safe with us. No need to worry about being copied on your design.

Hfbrolly has long-standing experience in this field and understands color trends, branding implications, and manufacturing quality.

We have a group of professionals who are passionate about what they do to come up with an umbrella that reflects your personality and meets high standards.

To help brands find their right hue, Winky’s color palette is extensive. A strategic color selection can make your brand more engaging to the people you are targeting, showing a keen understanding of a powerful communication tool.

Our customer service is second to none. We work closely with them by offering color charts, swatches, and tailored advice so that they can make informed decisions.

Our main aim is to see you happy, so we go the extra mile to have the final product exceed your expectations.

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