Custom Printed Hotel Umbrella in 27-34 Inch Large Size

Custom Printed Hotel Umbrella in 27-34 Inch Large Size

Get the outclass synthesized hotel umbrella that is best suited for outdoor spaces/activities. Give the guests comfortable dining with specialized logo print club umbrellas .bespoke designs with unrivaled strength of the brolly results in nitpicking artwork beyond the level.

A variety of Customized Hotel Umbrella comes up with a specialized brand name and signwriting in this case our in-house team works efficiently to make your hotel name a brand. The majestic graceful look of the brolly turns every head around to the brolly if you carry it in golf ground on sunny days. The appropriate large size hotel and golf umbrella have hat off feature bifold sunny and rainy days. Silver coated customized hotel umbrella gives the enthralling look with EVA handle and better performance as it is fabricated with the semi-automatic function of opening and close umbrella.

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Every hotel/resort has its owned branded custom printed hotel umbrella. In order to offer full protection and care to their valuable customers.

A well-crafted umbrella with highlight Pantone matched colour fabric and branded printing, always help to increase the reputation of your hotel/resort. Even more, makes your customers remind you all the time.

Even though the umbrella is just a small and common thing in our daily life, people may not so care how they made.

We still hope to offer you a tour to lead you to understand the process of making an umbrella, and how you can create one for your brand in a unique way with us in HF Brolly.

As a manufacturer, with more than 32 years of experience collaborate with over 100,000 clients all over the world, we are experts in the umbrella industry. HF Brolly offers you a custom printed hotel umbrella in fully customize options. More than that, it’s a brand new experience you never have.

HF Brolly manufactures one-stop custom printed hotel umbrellas

Firstly, what makes a good hotel umbrella?

  1. Large size – Never doubt that, a large size canopy offers your customers more protection. And also, it offers a larger size to show your brand to people. HF Brolly offers you size from 27 inches to 34 inches, not only large, but even larger.
  2. Durable Frame – No one likes a broken umbrella in heavy rain with strong wind. HF Brolly offers the best quality fiberglass shaft and ribs. In order to prevent any disaster happens to your valuable customers.
  3. High-quality fabric – Normal fabric is easily damaged after some times, and also the colour will be pale. HF Brolly only offers you the good quality fabric in high density.
  4. Comfortable Handle – A comfortable feeling handle always an important part of the umbrella. Because that’s where you hold the umbrella. A good one will never let you feel pressure while holding it.

Secondly, what makes an even better one, a good custom printed hotel umbrella?

Not only a simple logo, but also want to highlight your brand, how to do that?

  1. Using a Pantone-Matched fabric canopy to match your brand. Unlike others, HF Brolly offers NO MOQ service in making it.
  2. If you hope to show more about culture or story about your brand, need a larger image or want to print across the seams, or even some really special design with special print techs, we can also give you different options in making it. Just let you show your idea of your brand to people.
  3. It’s not only this, do you ever think your branded logo can be customized laser cut on handles? And different slogans on different woven labels attached to the canopy? Above all, we can help you to do it in HF Brolly.

It’s all about to give you a brand new experience in making a real Custom Printed Hotel Umbrella. In order to show to your customers, and let them reminds you.

Give us a shout, just simple steps, you can have it!

Additional information

Weight0.75 kg
Dimensions110 × 5 × 5 cm

54, 60, 62, 64, 68 inches






Polyester, PG, PG with Silver Coated, PG with Black Coated


Plastic with Rubber Coated, EVA










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