Straight Wooden Handle Umbrella Elegant in One Piece
Double Canopy Customise Straight Wooden Handle UmbrellaElegant British Style Straight Wooden Handle UmbrellaCustomise British Style Wooden UmbrellaOne Piece Frame British Style Wooden UmbrellaBritish Style Wooden Umbrella Size
Straight Wooden Handle Umbrella
Double Canopy Customise Straight Wooden Handle Umbrella
Elegant British Style Straight Wooden Handle Umbrella
Customise British Style Wooden Umbrella
One Piece Frame British Style Wooden Umbrella
British Style Wooden Umbrella Size

Straight Wooden Handle Umbrella Elegant in One Piece

This is a guide to help you choose an elegant one-piece straight wooden handle umbrella. With our customize options, you can create your own umbrellas for your brand.

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 Elegant One Piece Straight Wooden Handle Umbrella

This is a guide to help you choose an elegant one-piece straight wooden handle umbrella.

First of all, let’s back to the old days, and find out the history of the modern Gentleman’s straight wooden handle umbrella.

About four hundred years ago, women in Europe carried umbrellas as a parasol to temper the heat, keep the sun off their delicate skin, and furthermore, to protect them from the downpour and their dress.

More than that, a fine handcrafted umbrella was always the best accessories, just like the jewelry did.

Other gentlemen quickly saw the wisdom in carrying such an elegant umbrella. Especially in London, always downpour in sudden.

Therefore, a well-crafted umbrella, with a premium quality wooden handle and shaft frame, became one of their signature accessories.

Many things different, but the tradition still. An elegant straight wooden handle umbrella is still the most favorite item, and the signature of a gentleman.

Here are the Tips


A high-quality and well-sewed canopy is always an important part of an umbrella, otherwise, the umbrella serves no purpose. As a leading umbrella manufacturer, HF Brolly only recommends you with the best options:

a. 210T Pongee Fabric, or even better with Teflon Coated.

b. Hand sewed canopy, in tested shape.

c. Customise Pantone-matched colors or full-color printing design, in order to high light your brand in front of people.


The important part to hold the umbrella stand durable without collapsing is the ribs. In this straight wooden handle umbrella, we use high-quality fiberglass ribs to protect you from wet in rain. It never breaks even in strong wind.


As the center pole of an umbrella, it is important to make it in high quality, and comfortable to carry and use.

This high-end umbrella makes in a smooth opening wood, with the right length, allow you to carry it as a walking stick.


A good umbrella depends on it’s handle, a part where you hold it. The most important thing, this umbrella uses a wooden handle suit with the shaft in one piece. In other words, it looks more elegant, and also strong.

This is a guide to help you customize your elegant umbrella, if you are interested, contact us now.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 5 cm

23 inches






Polyester, PG, PG with Silver Coated, PG with Black Coated












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