Unbreakable Windproof Walking Umbrella with Fiberglass Frame

Unbreakable Windproof Walking Umbrella with Fiberglass Frame

To keep you dry and protect during the wet season,HF Brolly recommend you with this Unbreakable Windproof Walking Umbrella.You won’t afraid any storm again!

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Bad weather comes at any time and has no mercy. Some cheap price umbrellas you picked up at the grocery store may be in lovely looking and can handle some light rain. However, those poor umbrellas will become a broken rain collector while facing a gust of wind. As a result, you will have yourself wet and all your beautiful dresses will get ruined as well. Furthermore, if you make these umbrellas as a promotional gift to your consumers with a huge brand on it, what will they think about these poor umbrellas on a terribly rainy day? Only the trusty umbrella can fight against persistent precipitation without futile. To keep you dry and protect during the wet season, HF Brolly recommends you with this Unbreakable Windproof Walking Umbrella.

How is the best Unbreakable Windproof Walking Umbrella?

Compares to other standard umbrellas, the shaft on this unbreakable umbrella is solid wooden. Additionally, as the top class umbrella manufacturer choice, the shaft is 14mm which is much stronger than the metal shaft. Therefore, it not only makes the umbrella classic and elegant but also extends using time and durability. Moreover, in order to make this unbreakable more windproof, and enhance wind resistance, we use 8 reinforced fiberglass ribs on the frame. High-quality fiberglass ribs not only stuffiness but also high toughness. The advanced fiberglass ribs can be bent and flex in strong wind and not easily break. With the windproof design structure, even if the umbrella inverts with a superstorm, it can still come back without any damage to the umbrella. In other words, you can have this umbrella protect you in any bad weather, even a storm.

The umbrella fabric is a high-density water repellent waterproof pongee fabric. In addition, to make it dry quickly, we use 210T Pongee Fabric instead of 190T, which won’t easily be soaked. Only need to shake the umbrella gently after closing, then all the raindrops will fall off the canopy. In order to offer you more choices to build up your unique umbrella, you can customise the color yourself! And, NO MOQ!

If you’re looking for an unbreakable windproof walking umbrella, with classic wooden style, to protect you from the elements, this classic wood stick umbrella is definitely your best choice! As well, it can be your best gift to your consumers for your next marketing campaign!

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions86 × 5 × 5 cm

23 inches






Polyester, PG, PG with Silver Coated, PG with Black Coated












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