Windproof Golf Umbrella Large Size Air Vented For Outdoor

Windproof Golf Umbrella Large Size Air Vented For Outdoor

If suddenly stormy weather coming while you are in some outdoor events, like golf games, picnics, parties, and outdoor sports, or the sun is so hot out there, what will cross your mind? A big, strong, durable umbrella which can keep you safe and protect you from rain, wind, sunshine must be your first choice! This Large Size Air Vented Windproof Golf Umbrella Protect You And Your Family in Any Weather!

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Windproof Golf Umbrella Large Size Air Vented For Outdoor

While there’s an outdoor event, for example, golf competition, car racing, fishing, outdoor promotional events, you must see there’re different golf umbrellas. Here, HF Brolly is glad to help you to choose a good Windproof Golf Umbrella Large Size Air Vented For Outdoor!

First of all, let compare what’s the differences between a regular umbrella, a normal golf umbrella and a good windproof gold umbrella.

Fiberglass Frame for Windproof Golf Umbrella VS Regular frames

The regular umbrella is easily broken in outdoors while there’s a strong wind.

A normal golf umbrella using metal ribs is better, however, it’s not enough. Strong wind crushes it as well.

A good windproof golf umbrella makes with strong fiberglass shaft, with 8 rough and reinforced fiberglass ribs. Which means, a strong wind can never damage the umbrella.

Additional, Air Vented double layer design, helps the wind through the umbrella. This is helping the umbrella stay durable in any bad weather.

High Density Pongee Fabric for Windproof Golf Umbrella VS Regular Fabrics

As you may aware, there’re many kinds of umbrella fabrics.

However, the regular fabrics, such as 170T Polyester, 170T Pongee Fabric can’t protect you.

By using 190T Pongee fabric, or even higher density in 210T, the canopy is quick-dry, and waterproof.

Additional, HF Brolly offers you more functional options. Such as 99.99% UV Protection coating, or Teflon water repellence coating.

Large Size VS Regular Size

Normally golf umbrella size is from 54 inches to 68 inches. It’s much larger than a regular umbrella. On the other hand, a larger umbrella means offering you more protection, and rooms for your family or friends.

Furthermore, as an umbrella manufacturer directly in China, HF Brolly offers you more.

Pantone-Matched fabrics in whatever colours you want by our digital print technology, as well as any designs you want to print.

And you can have your logos on the handles, strap, sleeve as well. Use as much as it can to promote your business, your ideas!

All about these, just need simple steps to finish. Tell us your idea, we will do the rest for you!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have some ideas to make an umbrella to help with your business.

Additional information

Weight0.75 kg
Dimensions110 × 5 × 5 cm

54, 60, 62, 64, 68 inches






Polyester, PG, PG with Silver Coated, PG with Black Coated


Plastic with Rubber Coated, EVA










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