LED Umbrellas

Buying Guide for LED Umbrellas

How best do you prepare for literal rainy days? By getting an umbrella, of course. But umbrellas aren’t only cool during the rainy or snowy seasons; umbrella usage is highly diverse. You can hardly know anyone who hasn’t used one for a purpose or another. From protection against UV rays to better lighting effects in photography and many more, umbrellas would always save the day.

Because umbrellas are such everyday items, many individuals get them without much thought. It’s not a wise thing to do. Since umbrellas suit various objectives, you should understand your needs first. Clarifying your preferences will help you pick an umbrella fit for your purpose. It will also prolong your umbrella life.

Tabling your goals and preferences are all the more critical when buying LED umbrellas. You’d need to specify their size, shape, type, and lots more if you want to enjoy them to the fullest. If you’d like a guide on how to choose the best LED umbrellas, this article is just for you. But first, what are LED umbrellas?

What are LED Umbrellas?

LED umbrellas like the name implies, are umbrellas with LED in them. LED is short for “Light-Emitting Diode.” LED generates light when an electrical current passes through it.

Imagine that you are having a lovely time on your patio. You’re enjoying the coziness of a warm summer night. Unfortunately, the stars don’t shine so bright, and you begin to totter as you make your way around your porch. That doesn’t sound like fun.

A LED umbrella is the icing on the cake when you need to enjoy a night out on your balcony. It provides enough light to let you move around and appreciate the lovely scenery. It also provides a sense of security, knowing that you are not entirely in the dark. The LED patio umbrella is valuable for its aesthetics too.

Depending on what you like, your LED umbrella can serve different objectives. There are many options to choose from. You could get romantic LED umbrellas for a perfect date night. There’s also the choice of a bright light suitable for reading. If you’d like some glossy lights just for style, you can have that too. There’s no limit to creativity and adventure when it comes to LED patio umbrellas.

What Size of LED Umbrellas Do You Want?

Aside from style, you can also choose the size of LED umbrellas you’d like. Selecting a LED umbrella size is essential for many reasons. The most significant reason is that a proper size provides enough shade for the surface area you desire. However, it doesn’t mean that you should get a size that is way larger than necessary.

Overly large umbrella sizes can be overwhelming. They can also spoil the perfect aura you wish to create. The key is to get a dimension that is just perfect for your space. The ideal size shouldn’t be so small that it doesn’t cover the expanse you need to shade. It shouldn’t also be too large too, especially when many trees and barriers would affect its placement.

To get the perfect umbrella size, it’s okay to add two or 2½ feet to the surface area, all-round. This means that if you have a six footed place to cover, your canopy diameter should be 12 or 12½. Here’s a step by step process on how you can achieve this:

  1. Measure the area you want to shade. Don’t measure the table alone. Add the chairs, ensure that they are comfortably positioned, and then take your measurement.
  2. Add two or 2½ feet to the measurement you got in 1 above. You’ve arrived at the perfect canopy diameter for your patio.

Here’s an easier formula to adopt:

  1. 30 – 36 inches table = 6 – 8 feet diameters umbrella
  2. 38 – 48 inches table = 9 – 11 feet diameters umbrella
  3. 54 – 60 inches table = 11 – 13 feet diameters umbrella

It would help if you also considered your umbrella pole’s height and diameter for an ideal LED umbrella. Getting the right pole diameter guarantees stability and durability for your umbrella. Generally, it would help if you chose a pole and base diameter of about the same size. If getting the exact dimensions for your pole and base diameter is complicated, don’t fret. You can get a base diameter that is larger than the pole diameter. But make sure that the difference isn’t more than .25 inches.

For the height of the umbrella, you can get umbrellas that are tall as you’d like. But as it is with umbrella sizes, it shouldn’t be too high. Excessively tall umbrellas wouldn’t give you the shade you need. Incredibly short umbrellas will have you crouching to get in. The trick is to get an umbrella at least 7 inches and, at most, 9 inches tall.

What Type of LED Umbrellas Is Suitable for You?

There are many options of LED umbrellas to choose from. Like we mentioned earlier, finding a suitable one would hinge on your needs and preferences. Generally, there are four types of LED umbrellas you can choose from. They are the center pole umbrellas, offset umbrellas, specialty umbrellas, and tilting umbrellas. We’d discuss these umbrellas in detail. We’ve dedicated a whole section to the tilting LED umbrellas.

1. Center Pole Umbrellas

These umbrellas are the most common types available. They are umbrellas with a pole starting from the middle of the canopy and ending with a base under it. They are perfect for shading a patio dining table. It’s also cool for a pool-side shade.

Center pole umbrellas are great for beaches and very windy environments because of their stability. The pole in the center creates a perfect balance for the umbrella and enables it to withstand strong winds. The center pole umbrellas are easy to move and maintain. There are different styles of central pole umbrellas; let’s discuss three of them below:

a. Market Umbrellas

These umbrellas are the most common styles of center pole umbrellas. Sometimes, people use the two terms interchangeably. Market umbrellas got their name from market sellers and farmers who used them to shade their wares. They are typically made of wood and have a weighted base that ensures stability.

b. Half Umbrellas

Half umbrellas are so-called because they are not entirely one shape. These umbrellas have a flat side that allows them to be stationed against a wall. If you have confined patio space and need an umbrella shade, the half umbrella is your best bet.

c. Beach Umbrellas

The beach umbrellas are another standard center pole umbrella style. As the name implies, they’re suitable for beaches and sandy terrains. They have a robust and spiky base that maintains balance in the ground.

2. Offset Umbrellas

The offset umbrella has many other names. Some individuals refer to them as cantilever patio umbrellas, while others call them side-arm. If you’ve ever heard of freestanding umbrellas, we are also referring to the offset umbrellas. These umbrellas are distinctively different from the center pole umbrella and are fast becoming a viable option to it.

The significant difference between the side-arm and the center-pole umbrella is the pole’s positioning. While the cantilever umbrella has its stake on its side, the center pole umbrella has its own in the middle. The offset umbrella is freestanding because its canopy is hinged on the top and side by its pole. This gives it a hanging or suspended effect.

A side-arm umbrella is a perfect option for shading an outdoor dining table without a hole in its middle. It’s also great for covering large areas and lounges. The umbrella offers more flexibility in providing adequate shading than the center-pole umbrella. It’s durable, beautiful, but expensive. It would help if you didn’t bother about its cost so much since it’s guaranteed to provide great value for your money.

3. Specialty Umbrellas

Specialty umbrellas are unique and have rare designs. The half umbrella also falls under this class of umbrellas. Unique umbrellas have distinct shapes, unlike the regular round, rectangular or square canopies that are quite common. People value them for their distinctiveness and top-notch functionality. They are also perfect for narrow, small, and confined spaces and come in portable, adjustable sizes and shapes.

What Shape of LED Umbrellas Should You Get?

LED umbrellas come in as many shapes as there are sizes. While it’s easy to think that your canopy shape doesn’t matter, it does. Umbrella shapes aren’t just for design and aesthetics alone. Shapes are necessary to ensure that your umbrella suits the environment it’s placed in. The shape of your umbrella will also determine how much shade it would provide to your patio.

Again, umbrella shapes reflect your personality and style. It would be best if you never disregarded constructs when choosing a lighted umbrella for your balcony. If you’re at sea about what shape of LED umbrella will suit your lounging area, we will show you.

So let’s get right into it; what canopy shapes do LED umbrellas come in? How do you determine what shape suits your porch?

1. Round/Octagonal/Hexagonal

Many buyers like to refer to some shapes of patio umbrellas as round. In reality, however, many of them are octagonal and sometimes hexagonal. They give a round illusion from a distance, though, hence the misconception. If you want to shade a round table, these umbrellas are the perfect shapes for that purpose. It’s also great for covering two merged chaise lounges in a poolside. The round/octagonal/hexagonal umbrellas are prevalent umbrella shapes. They merge well with conventional layouts and styles.

2. Rectangular

Do you have a rectangular or oblong/oval patio dining? If yes, you should get the rectangular umbrella canopy. You should also consider this umbrella shape if your sitting arrangement is rectangular. This pairing will ensure ample shades for you and your guests. Asides from the shape of your table and sitting arrangements, rectangular umbrellas would serve narrow balconies best. In summary, if you’re looking for the best canopy to suit an oval or rectangular structure, you should get a rectangular umbrella. These umbrellas provide the broadest shade range possible for the right setting. So you don’t have to worry about the elements, and you enjoy a lovely time on your balcony.

3. Square

Square umbrellas represent the best of everything when placed in the right setting. Like you must have already guessed, the right location for a square umbrella is a square table or sitting layout. Not only will a square umbrella provide enough shade against the elements, but it’s a sight to behold also. They give off such gorgeous views that they are usually first choices for hotels and commercial spaces. Square umbrellas typically come with modern designs and are excellent for covering many people.

Do You Want a Tilting LED Umbrella?

What’s better than a tilting umbrella? A tilting LED umbrella—if you’d like an umbrella that’s a mix of elegance, practicality, and comfort, here you have it. You’d appreciate tilting umbrellas better when you see them as opposed to a description. Their loveliness will leave you in awe. They are also as useful as they are beautiful, and when they come with LEDs, magical!

A tilting umbrella provides the best shade from the sun and UV rays. The good thing about this umbrella is that it doesn’t stay static. Since the sun rays move and hit at different angles all the time, a tilting umbrella is a perfect 24/7 shading option. This means that you don’t have to continually move your sitting arrangement to adjust to the sun ray’s positioning.

With a tilting umbrella, your canopy slants to the position of your choice with just one touch. It’s the same thing for other weather elements like rain and winds. Since you can’t always predict the direction from which they’d come, it’s best you got a tilting umbrella. When it has LED lights, you’ve got everything you need for comfort at all times and in all weather conditions. So do you want a tilting LED umbrella? We bet you do!

Do You Want a Vented Canopy?

If you’re living in an area with adverse climate conditions, you’d have many concerns. One problem you’d encounter is getting the right umbrella to withstand the heavy winds and rain. You’d like a durable umbrella that stands the test of time. An umbrella that wouldn’t bend, turn inside or break during such conditions would mean a lot to you. If this is you, there’s great news. A vented umbrella will serve your needs adequately.

A vented umbrella has a flap in its canopy that creates an outlet for the wind to exit. So during a storm, winds can pass through your umbrella without destroying it. Without the vents, heavy winds can break your umbrella while finding an outlet to pass through. The wind vents also ensure that you breathe in cool air at all times. The vents serve as an outlet for hot air to go out and chill air to enter.

Depending on the wind’s intensity, you could get a single wind vent or a dual wind vent umbrella. A Single Wind Vent (SWV) has a single flap over it. The Double Wind Vent (DWV) has two flaps and is twice as efficient as the SWV umbrella. A vented umbrella provides stability and durability for your umbrella. It also gives you the relief you’d need for stormy conditions. You’d want to have one on your patio.

What Materials Should the Umbrella Frame be Made of?

The material used for your umbrella frame determines its durability too. It’d be great if you factored this in when purchasing your umbrella. First, it’s essential to examine the material of the canopy. Next, check that pole and frame materials are strong and durable.

Your choice of frame material can also depend on the terrain and the outlook you’re trying to achieve. So it depends on what your priorities are. If you’re looking for a frame material that complements your home’s structural layout, you can get that too. As a result, you should take time to table down your preferences. After that, find the frame material that meets your needs.

Here are some umbrella frame materials you can choose from:

1. Wood

Wood is one of the oldest conventional frame materials for LED umbrellas. So if you’re looking for a classic allure to your patio, the wooden frame would serve you best. Wooden frames are also strong and offer great stability for your umbrellas. Woods are, however, susceptible to insect attacks and rot.

Consistent heavy winds and rain can easily damage them too. As a result, it’s necessary to get high-quality wood that stands the test of time. Hardwoods like bamboo and teak are great choices for umbrella frames. It would help if you got them treated to prolong durability.

2. Metal

Some manufacturers make umbrella frames from stainless steel and aluminum, and boy, are they beautiful! There’s some elegance to aluminum frame designs that other materials lack. Aluminum frames can be more durable than wooden ones when appropriately maintained. There are also anti-rust metal frames that ensure durability. However, metal frames are a terrible idea for salt-water environments because saltwater on aluminum quickly weakens it.

3. Fiberglass

Fiberglass is reputed to be the most durable frame material available. Frames made from fiberglass are also one of the most expensive ones. They are lightweight, flexible, and durable. They are perfect for extreme climates and would stand the test of time.

4. Hybrid

Some umbrella frames are made of more than one material. These types of frames are hybrid. The most common mix is that of wood and aluminum. Hybrid structures are the best ways of combining the best qualities in two materials. For example, you may like aluminum frames for their sleekness and durability.

The wooden frame can also be appealing, especially if you’d like some harmony with your wooden furniture. Instead of making a pick, you can choose an aluminum frame with wood accents. That way, you get the best of both worlds.

What Is Your Budget?

The best-suited LED umbrellas for you are the ones that meet your budget. You don’t have to rob the bank to get the perfect LED umbrellas for your patio. It’s crucial to also do away with the idea that the most expensive umbrellas are the perfect ones.

Some umbrellas are expensive because of how famous their designers are, and nothing more. You can get a quality umbrella for as low as $25. Some LED umbrellas also cost as much as $400. No matter your budget, there’s an umbrella for you. All you need is to ensure they fit your needs and preferences and harmonize with your patio.

Best Manufacturers of LED Umbrellas

If you’re looking for some incredible LED umbrellas manufacturers, we’ve listed some out for you —

1. HF Umbrellas

Huifeng Umbrellas has been a long time umbrella manufacturer with over 10,000 customers to our name. We manufacture umbrellas excellently and to our clients’ taste. With 30+ years of experience to our name, we’re quite qualified to manufacture the best umbrellas with lights for you.

2. Arlmont & Co

Arlmont & Co is fantastic when it comes to designing beautiful LED umbrellas. Have you checked out their Sonya 10″ LED beach umbrella? You’d love it alongside their other designs.

3. Canora Grey

If you’re looking for elegantly designed conventional umbrella masterpieces, Canora Grey does it. We fell in love with their Judah 11′ x 11′ Round LED Cantilever Umbrella at first sight. And after checking out lots of their other designs, we are left with one word — spectacular!

4. GDY

Do you need a LED umbrella that’s excellent value for your money? If your answer is yes, kindly stick with GDY umbrellas. They produce thick, sturdy, and beautiful LED umbrellas for low prices.

5. Zipcode Design

It would help if you got your tilted umbrellas from Zipcode Design. They have the best quality yet affordable ones.


With so many considerations to take into account, it’s never easy choosing the best LED umbrellas for your patios. But we love to see you satisfied with your purchase at the end of it all. That’s why we came up with a comprehensive guide to help you through the process. With this guide, it’s almost impossible to make a LED umbrella error. For more inquiries about LED umbrellas, feel free to contact us at info@hfbrolly.com.