Bamboo Umbrella

  • Umbrella is a regular item in our daily life. keep protecting us from rain and sunshine. However, have you ever thought about how eco-friendly is your umbrella? According to some records, broken umbrellas cause over 150,000 tons of wasted metal each year! HF Brolly recommends you this Eco Friendly Umbrella High End Japanese Style Bamboo Frame, which is handcrafted from all eco-friendly and bio-degradable materials.

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  • While searching for a premium quality umbrella, what comes up in your mind first? Here HF Brolly presents a new collection of handmade bamboo umbrellas used for the commercial or residential purpose. All parts have been selected, by choosing the best quality material, organic bamboo, nylon fabric, ring strap. It’s not a simple umbrella anymore! Do you want to sell high level products? Do you want to promo your business with a premium quality gift to let your customers know you better? This is the option!

    Highly vintage and sleek design with anti-rust material makes it use more reliable and durable. This retro brolly flocked with high-quality nylon fabric works as a sunshade in shinning days and water resistance while rain. Well stitched with chains to make the canopy nonporous and sturdy as it is highly waterproof. Manually opening mechanism with high-quality bamboo handle is anti-corrosion and non-rusty. Its marque size is enough for a two-person room.

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