Top 10 Corporate Umbrellas

Top 10 Corporate Umbrellas to Feature Your Brand’s Logo

When it comes to attracting the attention of customers or promoting the products or services, small business owners or corporations regardless of their nature or size consider the use of umbrellas for business messages and logos as a popular option for marketing. Due to their portability, corporate umbrellas are considered as the favourite promotional gift, while the respective clients of the business may also utilise corporate umbrellas, irrespective of their ages and classes.

Due to their visibility for many observers, corporate umbrellas, with the name and the logo of the company custom imprinted on it, is indeed a vital tool for promotion. Furthermore, the usage of umbrellas in different kinds of situation further adds to its popularity as they are widely used for both promotional campaigns and personal purposes.

It is necessary that corporate umbrellas are made from top quality materials to make sure that they last for a long time. To withstand snow, wind, or rain, these umbrellas need to be well-built as giving away these brollies as corporate gifts is a reflection of the reputation and image of the business corporation. This further enhances the goodwill of an organisation, as your clients will associate your company with durability and high quality upon the use of top quality branded umbrellas in the promotional campaigns of the entity. It also helps in developing lifelong business relationships with your clients by giving years of advertising exposure to your brand’s slogan or marketing message.

In this regard, this guide will reflect upon the top corporate umbrellas to feature your brand’s logo.

  1. Birdcage Umbrellas

You may select from a wide assortment of branded birdcage umbrellas that are widely popular in the brolly industry of the UK. In addition to ensuring safeguard from the rain, your clients may use it to make a style statement as they are trendy and extremely stylish. In the range of birdcage umbrellas, you may across prominent design features that comprises of a Bell-shaped clear PVC canopy, an 8 x 60cm black paragon rib construction, and a 10mm steel black pipe for added durability.

  1. Vented Umbrellas

Numerous manufacturers of corporate umbrellas in the brolly industry of the UK offers a comprehensive variety of vented umbrellas of diverse colours, specification, and elegant designs that are subject to the marketing budgets of different business organisations. As golf is a popular sport in the UK, therefore they are often filled with personalised vented umbrellas for promotional campaigns that features a vented canopy design, auto open functionality, a shaft construction and fibreglass rib for extra strength made from polyester fabric of the top quality.

  1. Fashion Umbrellas

In this competing business environment, numerous entities specialise in offering fashion umbrellas imprinted with different designs. In this type, the most popular ones comprises of fashion design innovation inverted umbrella, double canopy umbrella windproof with fibreglass strong frame, and fashion rainbow laser reflective shiny umbrella.

  1. Windproof Umbrellas

The brolly industry of the UK is popular for its collection of corporate windproof umbrellas that demonstrates durability and exceptional strength, even in times of harsh weather conditions. In this regard, various suppliers and manufacturers of corporate windproof umbrellas offer additional features that includes a double canopy design for a longer life, a fibreglass rib or solid steel construction for extra strength, a manual or automatic opening system, along with the availability of large or standard 86cm size options.

  1. Telescopic Folding Umbrellas

In UK, the manufacturers and suppliers of brolly offer a collection of corporate telescopic folding umbrellas for their clients that are available in different sizes, colours, and panels. Considering the needs and requirements of business corporations, these corporate umbrellas incorporates sport features like fibreglass or aluminium frame for added strength, a vented canopy design, and an optional automatic opening mechanism for ease of clients.

  1. Golf Umbrellas

An extensive variety of corporate golf umbrellas are available in the brolly industry of the UK that reflect affordability along with durability, which is evident from its tough and strong fibreglass construction, making these umbrellas long lasting. These corporate umbrellas are commonly seen at various charity events and are used as a promotional tool with the logo of respective brands at different golf tournaments.

  1. Walking Umbrellas

Corporate walking umbrellas are considered amongst the top umbrellas in the UK due to their immense flexibility and high versatility, making it as the ideal promotional giveaway for a business organisation. In addition to providing safeguard from sun and the rain, it is highly resistant to wear and tear and are known for their user-friendly features.

  1. Eco-Friendly Umbrellas

To feature your brand’s logo, eco-friendly umbrellas are indeed an ideal choice as their design perfectly fits the requirement of eco-friendly promotional campaigns. These corporate umbrellas are ideal for daily use as the low cost of these umbrellas does not compromise on its premium quality and allows promotion of your brand in an environmentally-friendly manner.

  1. Bespoke Umbrellas

Considering different types of corporate umbrellas in the UK, bespoke umbrella is another popular category in the brolly industry of the UK. Business Corporation can choose customised design, finishes, and colours in accordance with their business gifting requirements.

  1. Sun Parasols

Sun parasols are amongst the best corporate umbrellas in the brolly industry of the UK. These brollies are perfects giveaways for various occasions and are made from the best raw materials. As compared to other promotional umbrellas, this type is available in a diverse range of finishes, designs, and colours, and are ideal for your business logo. This corporate umbrellas offers you with a larger print area, ensuring that a catchy and large business message is being facilitated.

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