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8 Steps for Ordering Custom Umbrellas from China Umbrella Manufacturers

Ordering Custom Umbrellas from China Factories

In places the world over, one steady market we can always count on is the umbrella market. It will always
rain, and there will also be people seeking protection from said rain. Assuredly, there is no better way to
protect yourself from the rain when going outside than an umbrella, making umbrella manufacture a great
field of investment. As with many other products, China umbrella factories are a great place to import custom
umbrellas from. Let’s take a look at how to get the product you desire from a China umbrella manufacturer.

1) Finding the factory that will best suit your needs
If you are looking to offer a high-quality umbrella product than it is imperative that you find the right
Chinese umbrella manufacturer. There are different umbrellas for different markets, some more suited to the
luxury market and some more suited for other markets such as children. These different types of umbrellas
can be favoured more or less by specific umbrella manufacturers in China.

If you are looking to get a high-end product, make sure you find the umbrella manufacturer that has some experience in the kind of product you are looking to receive.

2) Send in a sample
When sourcing Chinese umbrella manufacturers, be sure to send in a sample of the kind of product you wish
to have manufactured so that you can get an accurate quote and assurance that said manufacturer will be able
to provide you with the kind of product you desire. Be sure to specify the volume you will be looking to
procure, the types of materials you would like to be used in the product, as well as including high-quality
designs and instructions for the manufacture of the product.

With this accurate information, China umbrella manufacturers will better get the idea of what you are needing .
so that they can be sure to give you the product you are desiring, and you can be sure that they can provide it.
The initial estimate might change to a degree after the production of the final product, as the initial estimate merely calculates the cost of the rough
materials and projected labour costs. Be sure to keep this in mind.

3) Have the umbrella manufacturer make you a sample
After giving them your sample and your specific instructions, and if you like the quote you have received,
the next step is to have the Chinese umbrella manufacturer make you a sample from your own specifications.
This will prove that the umbrella manufacturer is up to snuff with your needs and can deliver to you the
product that you wish to procure. If they are an experienced umbrella manufacturer, they might offer some
tips and feedback on your design, proposing alterations that will enhance the effectiveness of the product.
Their advice may be valuable. A sample can cost you around $100 for a single item, but it will be worth it to
be sure that you are making the right choice for your umbrella manufacturer.
4) Confirm and place your order
Once everything is in place and you are sure that you’ve found the umbrella manufacturer that you want to
work with, it’s time to figure out your needs and place a specific order of both quantities needed and sizes
needed. Be sure to plan this out carefully, as you are going to be receiving a lot of product and you will need
to be able to sell it.
5) The factory will procure the materials needed for the manufacture
After the order is placed and has gone through, the factory will then go out and begin procuring all the
materials necessary for the production of your order, which can take up to a month the first time. Be patient so
that the umbrella manufacturer has time to find the perfect materials needed to deliver exactly the product
you want.
6) Receive a pre-production sample
Once all the materials have been procured and before the general assembly, pre-production samples can be made
for you showing exactly what the final product will be like, using the materials procured by the factory and
the methods with which they will mass-produce the final product. It is important for you to receive a preproduction sample,
as this sample can be a lot different than the previous sample sent by the umbrella
manufacturer and will much more accurately portray the kind of quality that the bulk shipment will consist
of. Give the okay, and you are ready for your order to be made.
7) The umbrella manufacturer begins production
Now that all the planning has become concrete, it is time for the plan to be put into action by the umbrella
manufacturer and for your product to be made. The whole process can take up to two months, so be prepared
for that in your planning. Once your umbrella order is manufactured, it is time for quality assurance testing
to make sure the product is ready to be shipped over to you.
8) Sample the quality of the final order
Typically, quality assurance is done by having the umbrella manufacturer ship you a few samples of the final
product so that you can approve of the shipment. It would be a waste to have them ship out the whole order
only for you to realize a mistake has been made and you will need to have them shipped back and replaced
with an entirely new order. Receive the sample, and give them a good run through so that you know they are
up to snuff for your market. If you chose your umbrella manufacturer wisely, the products will be of high
quality, and the entire order will be ready to be shipped over to you and sold on your market.
So there you have 8 simple steps for ordering and procuring customized orders from Chinese umbrella
manufacturers that you can then sell. It may seem daunting at first, but once the process has been completed,
you will feel ready and confident in your ability to do it again and again. Starting a good relationship with
the right Chinese umbrella manufacturer may put you on the path to become the top umbrella salesman in
Contact to create your custom umbrellas now. No middle man takes your profit anymore.

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