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5 Things to Look for in a Golf Umbrella

Golf is a globally popular sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Having its origins in the sports culture of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, it spread through Europe as the Roman Empire gradually conquered more and more land. The modern game of golf that we enjoy today originated in Scotland in the 15th century and quickly became a popular, much-loved leisure sport amongst the nobility of the British Isles.

Today, golf has become a popular and centrally regulated game with prestigious events held all over the world which are attended by the best athletes and golf players from across the globe. Just like any other sport, golf has its own specific tools and requirements that are necessary for the game. A proper commonly accepted attire, golf clubs of varying designs, shapes and sizes, carts, gloves and other such items make up the inventory of a golf player.

One essential part of the game is being ready to face the varying weather conditions that the golf courses in different places may offer. Be it the blazing sun, high winds or torrential rain, the game must go on! And to help the golfer face these challenges, the most versatile, durable and popular tool is the universally beloved golf umbrella. Designed to protect the player in all weather conditions, the golf umbrella is the single most essential tool for the game, after the golf clubs of course.

Choosing a golf umbrella for your use is essential to meet the needs of your game, and here we’ll run you through the five most important points to keep in mind when buying a golf umbrella for yourself or simply to present to a friend or aficionado of the game as a gift.


Let’s face it, no one likes cheap and easily breakable things. Durability is without a doubt the most important point to look for in a golf umbrella as it must be able to handle different weather conditions and rough use. The material of the canopy, the tensile strength of the shaft and the handle, the bend-resistance of the spokes of the canopy are some of the factors that determine the overall usability and durability of the golf umbrella.

Is the locking mechanism secure enough? Are the spokes too easy to bend or de-shape? Is the canopy material water-proof or wind-proof? These are some of the questions that must be answered and kept in mind when looking for a good, durable and effective golf umbrella. Keep in mind:

  • Material of the Canopy
  • Strength of Shaft and Handle
  • Strength of Spokes


The quality of the material used for making a golf umbrella determines the longevity of the product. A golf umbrella made with premium quality materials ensures continued utility and convenience for the player. It is always better to buy a premium product once than to buy a low quality product again and again!

Special attention must be given to the material of the canopy to make sure that the material is flexible, not easy to tear, sufficiently water resistant and able to bear the heat of the summer sun that all golfers love. Low quality material will fade in color and tear away after extended use and defeats the purpose and use of the golf umbrella for the player. Keep in mind:

  • Flexibility of Shaft
  • Premium Material of Canopy
  • Heat Resistance

Canopy Size and Weight of Umbrella

A golf umbrella is used to protect the player from all weather conditions. In this case, the size of the canopy and length of the shaft matter most. If the canopy is too small in diameter, it won’t cover enough of an area to deliver sufficient protection to the player against the sun, wind or rain. If the canopy is too large, it will block the view of the player and limit their mobility in the field.

When choosing a golf umbrella it is good to keep in mind your own size and preference and to choose the size that delivers the most protection while allowing greater mobility for your own particular size, height and comfort. It is also a good idea to choose a lightweight umbrella that can be comfortably carried by the player. As different players have different preferences, it is always better to keep personal considerations in mind when it comes to the weight of the umbrella, and its length and size. Keep in mind:

  • Diameter of Canopy
  • Weight of Umbrella
  • Length of Shaft

Wind and Water Resistance

The most frequent problems faced by the golf player on the field is either rain or strong winds. A strong shower of rain can occur out of the blue and leave the game at a stand-still. At times like these, it is essential to have a water-resistant golf umbrella at hand that can keep the player safe and dry against the changing weather.

Another thing to keep in mind is wind-resistance of the golf umbrella. The umbrella must be designed in a specific way so t does not bend outwards when faced by the force of strong winds. The canopy can trap air and get deformed and de-shaped easily if it is not designed properly. For the most amount of wind-resistance, it is better to choose double-vented golf umbrellas.

These umbrellas have specifically placed cuts along the canopy that allow the incoming air to be released out while not doing any damage to the canopy itself. For places that experience frequent storms, which include rain and high winds, it is essential to choose a storm-resistant golf umbrella that can keep the player safe and sound in the case of sudden weather changes. Keep in mind:

  • Water Resistance
  • Wind Resistance
  • Double Vented Canopy

Ease of Use and Flexibility

The game of golf is all about making calculated moves and minimizing error. The same considerations should be made when choosing a golf umbrella for use in the field. The speed of the release mechanism and the flexibility of the shaft are important considerations to make when choosing a golf umbrella. If the shaft is too rigid, it might bend against the force of strong winds and break. If the shaft is too flexible, then it won’t be able to stand upright in stormy weather.

Similarly, if the folding and release of the locking mechanism take too long, or if the release is sticky at some points, then the utility of the golf umbrella is reduced. A good golf umbrella must have a smooth unlocking mechanism, where the shaft and canopy must unfold with quick and smooth movements, with the locking mechanism being strong enough to avoid accidental release of the canopy. Also, the golf umbrella must be easy to re-fold and store once it has been used. Keep in mind:

  • Smoothness of Operation
  • Secure locking
  • Easy folding and storage

Final Word

The definition of a perfect golf umbrella is always subject to the personal needs and unique preference of the players. That being said, a good golf umbrella must be able to protect the player from all the possible weather conditions that may arise in the field. We hope that the points provided above can help you find the golf umbrella that suits you best. Happy Golfing!

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